Medical Gases

SIG has provides a wide range of medical gases to clinic, hospital, and medical centre for respiration, anesthesia, sterilization, laboratory and medical research. It comprises of the following gases:-

  • Medical Oxygen
    • for respiration to allow greater oxygenation of the blood stream in situations of impaired breathing action and lung function.

  • Medical Air  
    • Medical Air is also used as a medical gas in breathing apparatuses throughout hospitals and care facilities

  • Medical Carbon Dioxide
    • Medical carbon dioxide is used for various medical purposes, such as in its liquid phase, where it provides sub-zero temperatures for cryotherapy or other surgical practices.

  • Nitrous Oxide
    • Inhalation anesthetic

  • Purified Helium
    • As a laser Gas

  • Liquid Nitrogen
    • Cryosurgery – Liquid Nitrogen is used to safely remove skin lesions such as warts, tags and verrucas in both humans and animals by the use of spray tips or probes attached to a cryogenic applicator
    • Sample Storage -Liquid Nitrogen can be used to store medical sample such as blood, plasma & semen

  • Special Gases & Gas Mixtures

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