Generator Systems

Ozone Generators

- Effective purification medium
- Suitable for injection into air and water
- Generators manufactured to cater to individual requirements
- Environment-friendly
- Manufactured in Germany

Advantages of ozone

- 3 times more powerful in killing germs than chlorine
- Most powerful oxidizing agent in the market
- Most environment-friendly oxidant
- Destroys all types of micro organisms, algae and bacteria instantly.
- Reduces threat of Legionnaire's diseases
- No persistent chemicals or disinfectants as ozone breaks down to oxygen
- Elimates chemical storage and hassle of record keeping
- Instantly removes odour, especially cigarette smoke
- Low maintenance cost
- Reduces corrosion rate of metals, including copper heat exchangers
- Saves on energy costs by increasing efficiency of chiller

Ozone reduces operating costs by:

- Reduces makeup water to cooling tower by permitting more cycles between blow outs
- Eliminates the cost and problems in ordering, shipping, handling, storage and disposal of regular chemicals
- Reduces power consumption by keeping the chiller heat transfer efficiency high through cleaner condenser tubes


Membrane Systems

- Nitrogen purities up to 99.9%
- Quiet operations
- No physical moving parts
- Most efficient membranes on the market

Why choose membranes?

Safety - No material handling issues or ignition sources due to combustion process.

Cost - The most cost effective method to produce on site supply of nitrogen.

Logistics - The product is produced on-site and has none of the storage and re-supply issues of high-pressure cylinders and bulk transport tanks.

Productivity - Product produced at the purity required for the application.

Operations - Facility is virtually maintenance free, has no moving parts, no safety issues, small footprint, and can be easily integrated into your on-site DCS system.

Pressure Swing Absorption Systems

Standard Applications
- Chemical Manufacturing
- Electronics (Storage, Furnace Application,etc)
- Laser Cutting
- Food Processing and Packaging
- Tire Filling
- Plastics (Injection Molding)
- Pharmaceuticals (Blanketing, Packaging)
- Heat Treatment (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals)

- Low Operating Pressure
- Low Operating Costs
- Low Air Consumption
- Low Pressure Drop
- High User Pressure
- Fully Automated
- Unattended Operation
- Easy to Install
- Easy to Maintain
- Safe process operation


Oxygen PSA Systems

- Purities from 90% to 99%
- Reliability of operation second to none
- Maximum inlet temperature 25°C (77°F)hydrocarbon < 5 ppm
- Rapid ramp to on-line production
- Customized engineering to meet your process requirements

The character of PSA oxygen generator:
1) The performance of molecular sieve is advanced 2) Consumption is little and usage life is long
3) The capacity of oxygen is high
4) Low power consumption for making unit oxygen
5) Less water consumed than in cryogenic product
6) The degree of automation is high

Technical parameters:
Capacity (Nm3/h): 50, 80, 100, 120, 150
Oxygen purity: 90% - 95%
Oxygen pressure: 0.4 - 0.5MPa

Capacity (Nm3/h): 100 - 7000
Oxygen purity: 90% - 95%
Oxygen pressure: normal pressure
Power consumption: < 0.35kW.h/m3, O2


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