Special Gases, Purified and Gas Mixtures

Special Gases, Purified and Gas Mixtures

SIG offers a comprehensive quality product line of high purified gases, special gases and gas mixtures that serve various industries including medical & pharmaceutical, chemical, metal, semiconductor, electronic, power utility, environmental and etc.

Our sales executive, technical service personnel and production chemists are ready to provide the guidance and support to help you resolve the technical and safety issues.


Purified Gas

SIG supplies a wide range of purified and ultra purified gases to meet our customer needs and requirements. Our product ranges are as follows:-

  • Argon – Purified / High Purified
  • Nitrogen – Purified / High Purified
  • Helium – Purified / High Purified
  • Oxygen – Purified /
  • Carbon Dioxide – Purified / High Purified
  • Hydrogen – Purified / High Purified
  • Air – Zero/ Purified / High Purified

All the purified and ultra purified gases can be supplied in individual high pressure cylinder ranging from 10 Litres to 50 Litres size. We also have palletize package ranging from 9 cylinders to 16 cylinders that cater for medium and large consumption users.


Gas Mixture

With the experience expertise in gas industry and stringent quality control on lab, we are able to produce and supply various types of mixtures gas that suit to your application as follows:-

  • Medical and pharmaceutical application
  • Calibration gas mixture for an analytical application
  • Environmental compliance mixtures
  • Laser gas mixtures
  • Electronics gas mixtures
  • Leak detection mixtures
  • Petrochemical Engineering & Calibration mixtures
  • Chemical & Fertilizer Industry Standard Mixtures

To meet the requirements of the customer, we can blend mixtures gas by gravimetric and manometric (pressure) method in one cylinder according to the tolerance and accuracies required. All the gas mixtures are documented in quality assurance manual and it is traceable.


Special Gases

In addition to the purified and mixtures gas, SIG do provide the following rare and special gas to our valued customer

  • Zenon
  • Xenon
  • Neon
  • Propane
  • Propylene
  • Ethylene
  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Ethane
  • Butane
  • Sulfur Hexaflouride (SF6)

These gases are available in gas cylinder ranging from 2L to 133L cylinder. Furthermore, we can also provide the hydrocarbon gases in bulk liquid tank.



is the simple high performance shielding gas solution for all your arcwelding needs.

ARCAL Reference - Ready-to-weld

High quality, simple, proven, efficient, instant delivery gas solutions to fulfil all your welding needs

Quality & Consistency

  • Compliance with ISO 14175 standard and strict control on impurities.
  • Packaged with Retaining Pressure Valve(RPV) and specific internal surface treatment to prevent any risk of cylinder contamination.


  • Achieving low porosity level without standing mechanical properties for optimal finishing.
  • ptimized welding speed giving better productivity and lower welding costs.


  • Scandina guard for maximum safety and stability when handling cylinders.
  • Lower fume emissions and spatters for welders safety.


  • Efficient solutions & best practices to eliminate delays, meet target costs for competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Contains 40% extra gas to cut down on cylinder holding, lesser deliveries and fewer change over*


  • Four solutions to cover all metallic materials and welding process.
  • Innovative top design for easy connectivity and handling, removing unnecessary steps and deliver smooth workflow*


  • Large distribution network making our solution every where and always available.
  • A network of welding experts for innovation and continuous process improvement.

ARCAL Reference - A set of 4 products to take care of your everyday needs

High quality, simple, proven, efficient, instant delivery gas solutions to fulfil all your welding needs


ISO 14175-2008: SG-I1-Ar

  • TIG welding of all materials
  • MIG welding of aluminium and copper alloys
  • Root shielding of all materials
  • Plasma and annular gas in plasma processes


ISO 14175-2008: SG-M20-ArC

  • MAG welding of carbon steels with solid and metal cored wires
  • Very low surface oxidation
  • Low spatter and low fumes to improve performance
  • Stable arc with excellent arc striking properties
  • Ideal for pulsed welding process


ISO 14175-2008: SG-M20-ArC

  • MAG welding process of stainless steels
  • MAG brazing with CuSi and CuAi filter wires
  • Cost effective solution compared to Helium mixtures


ISO 14175-2008: SG-M20-ArC

  • All purpose MAG welding of carbon steels with solid and flux cored wires
  • Rounded root penetration
  • Tolerant to surface contamination
Material Process Welding Requirement ARCAL REFERENCE
Carbon steel
Non and Low alloyed steel
MAG Heavy gauge, multi run solid and/or flux cored wire welding ARCAL 5
Low spattering and fumes, excellent aspect productivity and good pulsing capacities ARCAL 21
High alloyed steel
MAG Quality finishing
Lowspattering solid wires
Aluminium & copper alloys MIG High quality welding, easy to use ARCAL 1
All materials TIG Safe & Easy to use

Brand Impurities
Name Composition H O ≤ ppm
at 5b residual pressure
O ≤ ppm N ≤ ppm
ARCAL 1 Ar -99.998% 5 5 10
ARCAL 12 Ar/CO2 40 50 200
ARCAL 21 Ar/CO2 40 50 200
ARCAL 5 Ar/CO2 40 50 200

ARCAL - Supply Mode

With over 100 years of experience, expertise and know-how in Industrial Gas Industry. This includes our participation in dedicated global R&D and industry technical programmes.

ARCAL supply mode is customized according to your conditions and needs to keep your productivity ahead of competition


  • Easy manoeuvring.
  • Small space requirement.
  • Retaining pressure valve prevent cylinder contamination.
  • ALTOP offer easy connection (Quick Connect) and handling.

ARCAL Bundle

  • Easy handling with forklift.
  • Larger packaging to reduce storage space and minimize downtime.
  • Available in Offshore Container BS EN 12079 & DNV 2.7-1 (optional).

ARCAL - More than gases

Equipments & Installation

  • Air Liquide provides reliable and safe gas handling equipments such as regulators, manifolds, point of use connectors, accessories.
  • All proposed equipments show easy and reliable handling, flow rates and pressure stability dedicated to the specific applications in welding.

Expertise& Know-how

  • The Air Liquide Research & Development Centres together with the Technical Centre for Welding, Cutting and Coating Applications (CTAS) develop and improve all aspects of industrial manufacturing.

Total Gas Management

  • This includes dedicated local support which provides on-site or remote management of your inventory. This comes from expertise in training, process selection, materials and logistics of a complex supply chain.

With over 1 million ALTOP cylinders worldwide, ALTOP is used by more welders around the world than any other, to improve productivity and enhance safety.

ALTOP has been announced the 2011 Australian Business Award Winner for Product Excellent.

*Only available with ARCAL 1 with ALTOP




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